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These scripts represent my attempt to create an authentic depiction of street level crime that also harkens back to some of my favorite films of the 70s and 80s.


Though the scripts are largely self-contained stories they do involve some overlapping characters and events, much like the interconnected works of George V. Higgins and Elmore Leonard that influenced them.

Loosely inspired by the 2003 gangland murder of mafia capo Adolfo "Big Al" Bruno, SPRINGFIELD follows the trials and tribulations of low level mob hitman, Salvie Galante.


Though Salvie does his best to be loyal and follow orders, it's hard to move up in an organization when seemingly everyone has a gun and a reason to use it.

Loosely inspired by the 2004 murder of Bonanno Crime Family Associate, Randolph Pizzolo, The Gospel According to Frankie Angelino follows one man's singular pursuit to become amico nostro, a made man in La Cosa Nostra.

But it's hard to get your button when you owe money all over town, and even harder when your friends never know whether to hug you or kill you.

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