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Gone From My Sight is my attempt to make some sense of the various strange and unsettling stages of the grieving process. It is also an ode to my father, who ensured that he passed on his love and admiration of film during my all too brief sixteen years with him. Shortly before he passed away he made me promise that I would not let his death prevent me from pursuing my passion for filmmaking. Gone From My Sight is the fulfillment of that promise.


During the summer of 2015 I had became frustrated by my inability to get some of my more ambitious ideas off the ground. While sitting with my roommates on my father’s birthday, I realized that I had to think differently if I wanted to get a film made.  Though I had delusions of grandeur, it became abundantly clear that all I really needed to make a movie was two characters, a car, and a camera. Thanks to the hard work of the dedicated cast, and a highly efficient crew of 3, principal photography was successfully completed over a blistering 13-day period. Gone From My Sight is truly a labor of love, and I am incredibly excited to share it with the world.

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